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1005 Treat Ave
San Francisco, CA, 94110
United States



Ben composes with a wide palette of cutting edge and traditional sounds. Working fluidly between live performance and studio composition with the latest hi-tech tools, Ben is able to compose on site and in real time, carrying a studio on his back without compromising range or quality.  

Who I Am

Since 2007 Ben has composed for more than  50 organizations, ranging from avant-garde museum installations to corporate keynotes. Additionally Ben has released 5 albums and toured extensively with his rock band Battlehooch.

With a background in classical piano and percussion, his compositions are grounded in melody and rhythm. He aims to create specific and unique moods by exploring the familiarity that can appear within strange juxtapositions.

What I do

Film Music
Dance Music
Music Direction
Live Performance

Sample Manipulation

How I create

I've long been fascinated with electronic music, but not their typically constricted and clunky interfaces. Clicking a mouse or turning a knob pales in comparison to the intuitiveness of a guitar or piano.

For the last eight years , I've been developing my own electronic instrument with the goal of marrying the dizzying flexibility and power of computers with the expressiveness of traditional instruments.

The latest version allows me to choose from 25,000 sounds with no more than three taps on an iPad. Each sound can be further warped, layered, looped, and arranged without ever looking at the computer screen or touching a mouse.